Lefty Violin “Beatle” Bass,




Korean made knockoff of the 60’s Hofner 500/1 with a pro-added vintage Hofner logo. All of the features are pretty much dead-on copies, other than the tailpiece is slightly modified.  Tuner buttons are white pearl rather than the big chrome P-bass buttons used on most copies. I have a Hofner Ignition Series in stock and in an A/B comparison this one sounds as good, plays more easily, and has a nicer flamed maple top and back. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a Beatle bass? They weigh almost nothing, are fun to play, and their plunky mid-range tone will make you sound like McCartney. Unfortunately, not everybody has a few grand to pony up for a high-end Hofner. This one will do the job quite nicely, and at just $299, it includes a plush-lined high quality wood/Tolex case.


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