T.C. Electronics M-One


fantastic dual-engine processor from the makers of some of the true ultimate guitar effects. Use the M-One Engines in the Dual Send/Return setup, and get two independent effects processors. Connect one Auxiliary to the Left Input of the M-One, and a second to the Right input. The stereo Output of the two Engines are now mixed internally, and can be returned to a single stereo effects return on your mixing console, giving you two full blown stereo effectssimultaneously.For full specs check out TC’s Site.The sounds are incredible, but the price isn’t.Whilea new one will set you back $399, this one’s in nice shape and just $250(HOLD-Michael 9/19).( Also available is T.C. Electronics G-Minor, midi controller for the G-Major or M-One above, as new in box, $99 separately but just $65 with the M-One)



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