T. C. Electronics M3000


As new, immaculate condition. Some high end gear here, used in the A room of many studios but priced within reach of the serious home recording engineer. The M3000 offers a mammoth selection of 250 single and 50 combined presets, including many of the favorites from TC’s previous units. If that’s not enough, you can get an internal RAM bank for up to 250 single and 50 combined user-memories, plus you can store the same number again onto a standard PCMCIA card. New algorithms offered are the VSS Reverb and Gate, along with TC’s CORE (Coefficient Optimized Room Emulation) Reverb, Reverb 3, Delay, Pitch, EQ, Expander, Compressor, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo/Panner, Phase and De-Esser. Like the M2000, the M3000 features two separate processors which you can use in serial, parallel, dual-input, dual-mono, linked and pre-glide modes. The M3000 also features 24-bit resolution A-D and D-A converters, along with 16- and 20-bit dithering for output to devices working at these lower resolutions. Rather than write a full page of info, for full specs go to TCE’s site here. I know most of my customers are guitarists and rest assured this is one of the finest units you can have in your rack. Guitar great John Petrucci uses 3 of these in his stage rig (interview). These sell everywhere for $1599 but this one’s “as new” and a more friendly $1099. (Note: I also have a few G-Majors and the Triple-C compressor in stock).


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