TTM Slayer Ultra



3-tone Sunburst with gold hardware and Maple Board


I just got in 3 models of some of the best vintage style guitars I’ve seen for the money. They arrived with a very good setup, the fit and finish is excellent, and they are made with quality hardware and electronics including a Wilkinson vintage style tremolo with “pop-in” trem arm and Allen-screw tightness adjustment, Sperzel USA locking tuners, and TTM’s own Palladium Series pickups. All of these are HSS which gives you a very fat humbucker tone on position 5, or the traditional Strat tones on positions 1-4. These are supposedly made in the USA but I don’t know the details. My take is that these are likely Korean bodies and necks, assembled and perhaps finished in the USA but I don’t know this to be a fact. I only know that they bury all of the competition in the under-$500 price range AND these also come with a nice quality Canadian made case, instead of a cheap-o Chinese case or flimsy gigbag. Right now I only have one of each but depending on response, I might be getting in a freight shipment of 25-30 more pieces. Read more about the Slayer and TTM at TTM’s Site Here.


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