Unique Custom Made Mahogany Strat Head w/Dove inlay



For the player who wants something truly unique…this is a one-off Custom made guitar. Very unique looks, quality parts and quality woods. The body style is a cross between a Les Paul Single Cutaway, although with a much rounder upper bout and deep & pointy cutaway – while the lower bout is something straight out of the builder’s imagination – there really isn’t a comparison that I’m aware of. The neck was on the guitar when I got it and we believe it’s an older LaSiDo, featuring a rosewood board and Strat headstock. Excellent electronics all around with a cool blend of Fender and Les Paul. Pickups are a DiMarzio DP-181 Fast Track in the bridge and a Gibson PAF in the neck controlled by 3-way selector and mini-toggle coil tap for the bridge pickup. Control knobs are master volumes and master tone. Body is one-piece(!) mahogany which yields a very warm and full tone. Control cavity is shielded and neatly wired. Output jack is conveniently located out of the way, in the cutout area at the end of the body which also features a bird in flight Abalone inlay. This is a great playing guitar and should appeal to players who want versatility but, especially, want to strap on something that’s truly unique and a hand-built one-of-a-kind instrument with top quality components. It plays superbly and is a very cool piece for $599 including hardshell case.


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