Washburn WD420SCE Acoustic Electric



Brian continues to find guitars that have never been on the web site. This one is actually a new, old stock model from 2005. It is unplayed and immaculate. We’ll, of course, install a new set of strings and do a proper setup on it before shipping out but other than that, it’s straight out of the factory container. The WD420SCE is a fancier version of Washburn’s popular D10 series. It retains the same solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, but adds some dressed up cosmetics as well as a cutaway and onboard preamp. It features the Equis Crystal preamp with a notch filter control, volume knob, and 4-band eq(Bass, Mid, Treb, Pres) and battery low indicator, as well as easy access door to change the 9V battery. The preamp is wired to both a standard 1/4″ jack plus a low-Z XLR jack for running straight into a mixer, snake, or acoustic amp. The benefit of a low-z cable is you can use very long cables without any loss in signal, whereas a standard guitar cable picks up more noise and suffers signal loss over 20 ft. or so. The solid spruce top yields a sound with much more clarity and sustain, plus the entire body utilized Washburn’s “Veil Process” finish that is applied very thin, allowing the wood to breath and age quicker than a normal finish that leads to a fuller, richer sound. Cosmetic appointments include bound body and neck, intricate soundhole rosette, snowflake inlays, and diamond-pattern back stripe. Set up is very comfortable which, along with the solid top and good electronics system, makes this an excellent value on an acoustic/electric at just $299. Add a nice hardshell case for $65.


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