Xotic Custom Shop BB-Preamp Comp




Another great pedal from the fine folks at Xotic with this custom shop version of their original BB-PREAMP. The original version was noted for featured warm, compressed overdrive tone but some players felt there was too much compression which prevented the pedal from “breathing”. A newer version, beginning with #3643, was released with reduced amounts of compression for a more aggressive effect. Fast forward a decade or so and Xotic began building their Andy Timmons model, BB-AT. Which brings us to this Custom Shop BBP-COMP. Users of this top of the line effect can choose standard compression like the current BB-PREAMP), more compression like the Andy Timmons BB-AT, or no compression. The new BBP-COMP rolls two iconic pedals into one while taking it’s sound to a new level with a no compression option. You might feel that this is the most musical and versatile distortion pedal ever made. It features true bypass and operates on AC adaptor or 9V Battery. Sells new for $176. Get this clean barely used one for $120.


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