ADA Quad Tube Programmable 2X12 Combo




The Big Boy – the baddest amp ever made by ADA. It was also the most expensive, selling for $2399 15 years ago. This amp is super RARE – try to find another one. I found one on the web which was actually a NOS model that a store was selling for the same $2399 but has sold since I looked it up a month ago. I have not one but TWO of these babies. One of them works perfectly – the other one has a glitch on some of the patches and is priced accordingly. Looking through the 62 page manual it’s clear that there are too many features to list here so I’ll just do a brief overview. Features 150 watt output (true stereo – 75W/Side) with complete digital control of an all-analog signal path, 128 user and 39 factory patches, four low-noise 12AX7A tubes with 10 voicing options an overdrive, onboard compressor, four-band tone controls nine-band graphic EQ, powerful effects, including “Varicab” (programmable cabinet emulator), tremolo, stereo chorus, noise reduction, stereo effects loop with programmable mix control, front panel volume and room compensation EQ, cabinet-emulated XLR output with ground lift s well as unbalanced 1/4″ outs for recording, complete MIDI with real-time MIDI for on the fly changing of parameters, rack holster for mounting single rack space to the back, accepts ADA 4X4 MIDI controller. As I mentioned, one of these works perfectly, priced at $1399. The other one works perfectly on some patches, while other patches have a low rumble which runs away if you tap the top of the amp – could be an easy fix – it’s never been benched. This one is totally useable on most of the patches and is selling “as is” for 1/2 price; $699. If you’re an ADA fan, this might be your only chance to get your hands on one of these rare and great sounding amps – and a piece of ADA history. Includes 62-page owner’s manual but if you’re familiar with the MP-series, you will find it easy to get around on without the manual.



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