Carl Martin Octa-Switch


You can tailor it to your needs but basically you can plug in up to 8 effects and have any combination engaged with the touch of one button. Each channel has 8 DIP switches which correspond to 8 of your effects. Simple example: You have 1-Distortion, 2-Metal Drive, 3-Fuzz, 4-Chorus, 5-Wah, 6-Pitch Shifter, 7-Reverb, and 8-Tremolo, plugged into channels 1 thru 8. For one of your tones you want only Distortion, Chorus and Reverb. Select a bank, such as footswitch 1, and turn “on” the DIP switches for 1, 4, and 7. With this setting, any time you hit footswitch for bank one, it will automatically engage these three effects and all others will be out of the loop. You can set up the remaining 7 banks in similar fashion. This is a dream come true for old-schoolers who prefer stomp boxes to LCD’s and menus of a muti-effecter and instead of doing the old “tap dance” trying to turn on/off a bunch of pedals during a 1/4 note rest, you can do it instantaneously by pushing just one button. Click here for full specs and samples. List price is $539; your price is $317.



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