Fender Pro Junior #2,


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Early USA model. In recent years I’ve had a variety of hand-wired boutique 10″ combo’s and a bunch of the recent budget 5-waters by Epi, Vox, Fender Champion 600, etc. The hand wired boutique combo’s sound great but they’re expensive; the budget combos, well, you get what you pay for. Dollar for dollar, it’s hard to beat the Pro Junior for quality tone in a solidly built amp. With simply a volume and tone control, the Pro Junior won’t waste any of your time trying to dial in the “perfect” tone. Just crank it up and let ‘er rip. The Pro Junior is powered by a pair of EL84’s putting out 15 watts, but 15 *tube* watts is quite loud, along the lines of a 35 watt solid state, only better sounding. It also features a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes. With a fairly heavy Fender/Eminence 10″ speaker, this amp carries the guitar spectrum very well, with sufficient lows as to sound like a “real” amp, not just a practice amp. Put one of these on a barstool, put a mic in front of it, and you’ll have the whole club jumping. Designed to work with your guitar’s volume – sounds clean with your guitar turned down and gets dirtier as you turn up your axe. The look is very much vintage Fender, with classic black tolex, vintage style badge, vintage style handle, chrome panel, and chicken head knobs. The new Mexican-made Pro Junior sells new for $394 ($589 list) and it appears to be the same except for the speaker out jack on the new model, and they also changed the panel to black with white knobs which, to me, only detracts from the vintage vibe.An excellent sounding amp and hard to beat at just $265.


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