Guild Starfire SF-II/ST,



Newer import version of the famed Starfire II which was a very popular model for Guild in the 60s and 70s. We’re impressed with the overall quality – fit and finish are top notch, sets up very well, and the tone is very reminiscent of the vintage models. The Starfire is a true hollowbody so you get a very natural, organic tone and the acoustic tone is rich and loud. One departure from the original 60s model is the tuneomatic bridge/stopbar tailpiece replaces the “harp” tailpiece of the original and should appeal to more players. Lightweight and well balanced, the Starfire II is around 2” deep and with its hollowbody design it’s very easy on the back. A pair of LB-1 “Little Bucker” humbuckers, designed for this model, sound very good and don’t seem to be overly dark or muddy sounding. All-mahogany construction gives this guitar a warmth and coziness, even when strummed acoustically. The shallow soft U neck has a 9.5 radius on an Indian Rosewood fretboard. Scale is the same as a Dot, 24.75”. This guitar was a reconditioned factory 2nd, as evidenced by the “used” impression on the back of the headstock so there was a cosmetic flaw somewhere on the guitar but it was likely taken care of during reconditioning at MIRC. It’s free from any flaws, cosmetic or otherwise, and with a new one running $849, this is an excellent value at $499 and includes a new Gator gigbag.


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