Line 6 Spider Modeling Amps – Spider IV 15 Watt and Spider II 30 Watt


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Very good sounding, extremely versatile combo’s and I actually use one of these as my test amp, right next to my seat. Functions are virtually the same on this pair, including a good selection of amp models and effects. The Spider 30 produces 30 watts in a small 1X12 design, enough power to jam with other players and not get lost in the mix. The Spider 15 is more of a practice amp but it’s definitely loud enough to bug the neighbors. Both are 4-channel amps with 4 amp models, easily accessible via a button for each amp or via optional footswitch. You can overwrite all of the preset sounds with your own gain and EQ settings. Choose from Clean with warm jazzy tones with crisp highs and a thick bottom; Crunch, which is based on a ’68 Marshall Plexi; Metal, based on a Boogie Dual Rectifier; and Insane, the best for shredding, based on a Dual Rectifier “Red” channel. They also carry their own effects so there’s no messing with outboard gear. They’re capable of running two at once – including phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo, and Reverb. Also features CD/MP3 jack, headphone/direct out for practice/recording. The 30 features a custom Celestion 12″ speaker while the 15 features a Line 6 8″ speaker. These are hard to beat for the money. $115 for the 30; $69 for the 15 (The 15 is sold). I have optional footswitches. Inquire if interested.


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