Realistic Electret Unidirectional Condenser Pair



Old-timers like me used to equip our reel-to-reel studios with a lot of Realistic gear, from submixers to adapters, stands, and speakers for our homemade monitors, to microphones.  It was fairly inexpensive and reliable.  This pair of condensers (catalog #33-3007) employ a AA battery (or phantom power of course), XLR connector, with a unidirectional pick-up pattern.  Unidirectional is good for off-axis rejection, meaning it only records what’s directly in front of the capsule, rejecting sound from the sides.  Works good in situations where you want to eliminate any “bleed through”, e.g. ambient guitar sound bleeding into our snare drum mic.  While you probably won’t see these in your professional recording studios, for the home recording, here’s a pair to cover your stereo field, for just $45/pair.  Includes original boxes, manuals, and carrying cases


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