Zoom B2 Bass Multi-Effects Pedal




A full-featured multi-effect unit packed into a small package. The B2 features Zoom’s new ZFX3 processor loaded with 9 preamp/cabinet and 5 stomp box models that are very faithful to the original models. Features include 40 preset bass effects patches plus 40 more locations where you can store your own edited patches; 7 effect modules with 45 effect types; 32-bit processing, 96kHzsampling rate; 24-Bit A/D, D/A converters; and comes housed in a roadworthy metal chassis. It also has a built-in drum machine with 40 rhythm variations which is great for working on your chops, speeding up the tempo as you progress – plus a dead-on chromatic tuner. The specs on this are studio quality with virtually zero background hiss (120dB signal to noise ratio) and extreme dynamic range (120dB), With 45 different effects (you can use up to 7 per patch), you can choose from, for example, 3 types of synth sounds, a Harmonized Pitch Shifter, acoustic bass and fretless, 6-band graphic EQ or 2-band parametric EQ, the world’s fastest patch change. Includes AC Adapter or can also operate around 7 hours on 4 AA alkaline batteries This unit scored an impressive 9.4 overall on Harmony-Central With a list of$164, you can find these as low as $89 but better still, this one’s perfect in the box with power supply, manual, etc., and just $63.(HOLD-Scott M 8/14)



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