2007 Yamaha RBX375 5-String Bass




High end features in a nice playing 5-string For years Yamaha has been synonymous with two things – Pianos and basses For many decades they have built the best bang-for-the-buck basses, going back to the BB-series in the 70’s, many of which are still being played today. The RBX375 is much more high tech than the old BB’s, with active electronics, newly designed bridge, and high output ceramic hum canceling pickups, but with a list of only $579, this is a lot of bass Features include: bi-level headstock, solid alder body, 24-fret neck, 2-band active EQ, master volume, and blend pot One of my favorite design features, are the notches cut in the pickups, which make a perfect anchor point

for the thumb, whether you’re fingering close to the bridge or in the mid-body position. This is an excellent player in beautiful shape, and at $289, much more versatile than an import P or J-bass and less money. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try out a 5-string, or any beginner/intermediate player who wants a good quality bass without spending a month’s pay. I have a vintage BC Rich case (pic )that fits well, 2 replaced latches but very serviceable, for $49 if desired, or inquire about other cases.




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