Genz-Benz ML200 Bass Head




Excellent tone shaping for a variety of applications in a lightweight, easily portable head. The ML200 head features the same amp used in the 112T, 115T, and 210T combos, with the speakers. This allows you to use the amp with whatever speaker cabinet you prefer, and it’s easier to handle a 20 lb. head and 25 lbs. cab, rather than a 55 lb. combo. The ML200’s flexible dual-output design lets you operate this power amp in bridged mode, pumping 200 watts into an eight-ohm cabinet, or as 2 separate amps, each putting out 100 watts into 4 ohms. Starting with the input jack, you can select Passive or Active via pushbutton switch, and adjust your gain control until the red overdrive light flashes occasionally. Tone shaping includes “Shape” controls for Low Boost, Mid Scoop, and Signal Attack, while active EQ includes Low, semi-parametric Mid, and High. The output knob controls the overall volume and there’s a tuner output jack adjacent. Back panel features dual 100W output jacks, as well as a 200W bridged output. There’s also a fan on/off switch, ground lift switch, XLR Direct Out for recording or going direct to your live mixer, and an effects loop. Genz-Benz builds good sounding gear at good prices. If you’re looking for a nice sounding head for small to medium gigs, this one’s in nice shape and hard to beat at just $199.



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