SWR Bass 350 Head – CNB Padded Rack – Gries 1X15 Cabinet




Dollar for dollar, nothing beats SWR for bass amplification in my opinion. While it’s fairly expensive, it’s still within the range of most players and the tone can’t be beat at any price. This Bass 350 is a good example. This model ran from ’92 to ’02, usually with a red panel which changed to this chrome panel the last few years. It’s straight ahead, without load of switches or graphic EQ that largely duplicates the active EQ pots, but you can dial in a great tone with any bass and make adjustments to suit any song or venue. I used the Basic 350 for a few years with nothing but a 2X10 cabinet and the tone was outstanding. Features include 350 watts RMS @ 4 ohms, 450 watts RMS @ 2 ohms, active and passive inputs, a very effective Aural Enhancer to add “air” and “space” to your toe, 3-ban EQ with variable mid-range EQ, sidechain mono effects loop, effects blend control, built in limiter with LED indicator, limiter defeat switch, cooling fan, fan defeat switch, XLR balanced record out, line/direct out switch, tuner send, dual 1/4″ or Speakon output jacks, 2-space rack mountable. Manual is downloadable here. The 1X15 cabinet is made by Gries, a small company in Mass. It’s an extremely well made cab, built for years of use. No MDF here, it’s built entirely of 3/4″ plywood with a 3/4″ baffle. It’s covered in black tolex with metal corners, black basket weave grill cloth, rear ported, and weighs in at just 40 lbs. Speaker is an Eminence cast frame 300 watt 8 ohm with neodymium magnet. Size is around 21X21X16, big enough to give you loads of bottom end and thump. Rack is a CNB 2-space padded, very solidly built with compartments for cables, pedals, etc. The Bass 350 retailed for $999, cheap in high-end bass terms, in 2002. This makes great-sounding portable rig and you can own the whole set-up for $679 – or $650 without the rack



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