Marshall 4X12 – JCM800 Model 1982A Cab



Fairly rare cabinet which was a high-power version of the 1960A, made expressly for the higher powered (250W) Model 2000 (guitar) or Model 2001 (bass heads). When these rare heads were produced in 1981 at the start of the 800-series, Marshall didn’t have a cab that could handle the output and thus the 1982A/B, rated at 400W, was introduced around ’82 to handle the power. Although you don’t see many of these on this side of the pond, they were actually in catalogs from ’82 to ’87. From what I’ve read, original speakers for this cabinet would have likely been G12H-100 Celestions. This one is loaded with G12M-70 Celestions which are more noted for being stock in the 1960A/B cabinets early to mid 1980’s. This, combined with the fact that these speakers will only handle 280W, makes me fairly sure that they’re not original to this cabinet. As you can see, this cab has been roaded a bit and the covering in back has been torn. We can recover the back if desired for around $70 parts & /labor, or less if you just want the center “slice” re-covered. Originality aside, this is a pretty rare cab compared to the common 1960A and, especially if you’re into hard rock, these G12M-70’s are good sounding speakers. All considered, a pretty nice deal at $599. If you ever come across a 2000/2001 head, you’ve got a rare bird. The new cost on these was 2X the cost of a 100W head and because of this–plus the fact that they’re simply too loud for anything other than a stadium tour–very few were produced



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